Frequently Asked Questions

Rent (4)

What is the monthly rent?

As of our 2017 budget, our monthly rent for community members is as follows:

$395.00* per month for Single-Wide.

$405.00* per month for Double-Wide.

Subject to change with Community Approval on annual budget.

Homeowners may qualify for a New York State School Tax Relief Program (STAR) discount. Please contact the local tax assessor for qualification information.

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What is the rent used for?

The rent is used for the operational requirements of the Community.

Some examples include:

  • Taxes (School, Property, Town)
  • Required Permits and Licenses for operation of the Community
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Community Amenities and Improvements
  • Property Management Office (Community Administration)

A full budget is published and voted upon annually by the Members of the Community.

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What is STAR?

STAR is also known as the New York State School Tax Relief Program.

Please visit:

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I qualify for STAR. How will I receive my deduction?


If you have been in residency before AUGUST 2015: Your STAR benefit will be paid to Keynote, then be applied as a discount to your monthly rent. Benefit amounts change annually, and you will be notified in writing (usually in October/November), indicating the adjusted rent for the following year.

If you have moved in after AUGUST 2015: Your STAR benefit will be mailed to you directly. Your rent will not be discounted.

Due to recent program changes, you may need to reapply annually.

Keynote or Marilla Country Village does not determine your eligibility or qualified amounts. For more information, contact the Town of Marilla Tax Assessor’s Office at (716) 652-5350, or visit:


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Availabilities (4)

Do you have any homes for sale?

We will post any community-owned homes for sale on our availabilities page.

Some homes are placed on the market through a realtor. We typically use Shirley Donnley of Metro Simme Realty. (716) 652-6469.

Some homes are for sale by private owner. Our apologies, but we are unable to post the owner’s contact information on our website without their permission.

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Do you buy Member’s homes?

Usually, no, we will not purchase a member’s home.

A member is free to sell their home, by owner, or realtor. We will list the member’s home, free of charge, on our availabilities page, upon request. Please contact us for details and to schedule an appointment.

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Do you rent-to-own, or rent homes?

No. As a Resident-Owned community, residents must own their homes. The community (cooperative corporation) does not retain ownership of any homes it sells.

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Do you move or install homes?

We do not move or install homes, but we can put you in contact with home manufacturers that do home moving and installation.

Please contact us for more information.

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General (1)

Is it a “Trailer”?

The terms “Mobile Home” and “Trailer” used often; however, they are misnomers.

A “mobile home” is one you can easily hook up to a truck and haul, or one you can drive away, such as an RV camper.

An example of a "Mobile Home" or RV Camper.

An example of a “Mobile Home” or RV Camper.

A “trailer” is any vehicle you can tow behind a truck, such as a boat trailer, tractor trailer, snowmobile trailer, and so on…

An example of a "flatbed" utility trailer.

An example of a “flatbed” utility trailer.

The proper term for the homes in our community is “Manufactured Home” – a home that is pre-manufactured, and installed on site.

A Manufactured Home.

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